group of 27 kicks off its 2014-15 orchestral season with a globe trotting ‘World to World’ voyage. From Russia to France to the United States to Canada, group of 27 takes you on a exhilarating ride. Let’s begin in Washington, D.C. where Russian-born/Parisian-living Stravinsky debuted his work ‘Dumbarton Oaks’. Hang a right and head north to the beautiful landscape of Andrew Downing’s ‘Nottawasaga’. Should have applied for that Nexus card because we’re heading back across the border for NYC-born Copland’s ‘Appalachian Spring’. We’ll even make a quick jaunt to Norway when our outreach student players join us onstage for some Grieg. So fasten your seal belt, sit back, and enjoy the ride! November 7, 2014 at Church of the Holy Trinity. And this ride’s tickets are Pay-What-You-Can so anyone and everyone can say Bon Voyage!