Your support of group of twenty-seven is welcome in whatever amount you are able to offer. Donations are used for the operational costs of the orchestra including musicians’ fees, our student outreach program, hall rental, administration costs, and advertising, among many others. All donations will be issued a tax receipt. Your donations make what we do possible and bring our music to life!

Thank you for your support.

Eric Paetkau Signature

Eric Paetkau
Music Director

See What Your Money Can Do. It’s almost like giving presents!

$250 – $18,000
$250: Sheet Music Purchase for each performance piece – buy the music the musicians play!
$18,000: Admin costs including part-time salaries for our tiny but hard-working staff – someone’s got to keep things in order!

$30-$900: YouTube Fund/Video Broadcasting Fee per player – when we have $30 per player x 30 players, we can then broadcast a whole concert online and everyone can see! Or donate the whole Orchestra broadcasting fee at once!
$300: Audio Recorder Fee per concert – excellent sound!
$350: Video Recorder Fee per concert – see it as well!
$400: Lighting for a concert – put your spot light on the orchestra!

$200: Rehearsal Venue Rental – practice makes perfect (or at least closer to perfect)!
$650: Adopt-a-Player! Musician’s fee per concert (approximate) Choose any instrument you like (violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, timpani/percussion) and even their name! We’ll match you up.
$1200: Concert Venue Rental – the show must go on!

OUTREACH $40-$65,000:
$40 – $65,000 Education Outreach Collaboration. Our first collaboration is with the Dixon Hall Music School and the Regent Park School of Music. The whole programme costs a lot but any contribution helps with items such as fees for the g27 mentors, photocopying, venue rental, etc.


Charity Registration Number: 83371 8356 RR0001

Cheques are also accepted and can be mailed to the address below:
group of twenty-seven
702 Lansdowne Ave
Saskatoon, SK S7N 1E5

Conductor’s Circle ($1,000 and above)

Founding Donor: George A. Fierheller
Sarah Jeffrey, Nadina Mackie Jackson, Karen Moffatt, Roger D. Moore, Eric Paetkau, Paul Paetkau, Gabe Radford, Walter and Marina Unger, Mark and Virgina Wells

Soloists ($500-$999)
Heather Birtles, Fenestration Components International Inc., Sarah Hinves, Ed Reifel and Cristina Zacharias, Derek Tse,  Emma Walker, Camille Watts

Section Chairs ($100-$499)
Marie Berard, Richard Brooks, Kristen Dearing, Lydia Harder, Stacy Klaassen, Chris McKinnon, William and Carlene Mercer, Maryem Mubareka, Aldred and Erna Neufeldt, Don and Brenda Paetkau, Laurie Reifel, Wayne Strongman, Carmen Wiebe

Members ($50-$99)
Eric Adelman, Shelley Brown, Colleen Cook, Valerie Cowie, Luise Heyerhoff, Jenna Kalinsky and Dave Pell, Shane Kim, Richard Librach, Rachel Mercer, James Ormston, Paul and Marie Penner, Rachel Pomedli, Julie Ranti, Leonie Wall

Groupies ($20-$49)
Tim Francom, Elyssa Lefurgey-Smith, Peter Longworth, Kathleen Kajioka, Emm Kassirer, John Marshman,  Robert Skanes