Want an exceptional experience? One that transports and transforms you, that leaves you moved and with a huge, satisfied smile on your face? We’re talking an experience that takes you on a Journey to places you’ve never been. 30 of Canada’s finest musicians, one super-star soloist, incredibly inspiring at-risk youth, and music that blows you away – put this all in an intimate setting that makes you, the audience, part of the band. Journey with us on January 30 and live an experience you won’t soon forget.

Tickets purchased in advanced receive a free track from our latest cd and select seating!


Holiday Party!

Love a party? Well, we’re throwing one!

Join us for group of 27’s first Holiday Party on December 10th at 7:30pm at Heliconian Hall. Canadian mezzo-soprano star Krisztina Szabo will sing a few songs and lead the whole audience in a sing-along of holiday favourites! Food, drink, and an auction for home made cookies top off the festivities.

Who knows, Eric might take his viola for a spin!


Radio Interview with Eric Paetkau

Listen to g27 Music Director and conductor Eric Paetkau talk about the November 7 concert, as well as g27’s outreach program and their December 10 Holiday Party! All on Toronto’s Classical 96.3FM.

New Managing Assistant’s Thoughts on Season Opener

I am still ringing from our season opener! What a thrill to open with Ensemble Made In Canada (EMIC) playing the debut of the charming “Snikt, bub” as well the ever engaging and beautiful “Piano Quartet in E Flat” by Dvorak. Of course, the playing was spectacular, but what was truly incredible was the engagement of the audience…

In all of the excitement of talking about the show, I completely forgot to introduce myself. My name is Eric Macarios and I am the new Managing Assistant of g27.

During the concert, our Music Director, Eric Paetkau, took on the role of emcee and facilitated the interaction between the musicians and audience. The audience loved asking questions and learning more about the incredibly charming EMIC and the repertoire they were playing.

As the audience was becoming more and more immersed in the story of EMIC and the music, something truly incredible happened. The audience became actively engaged in the story and emotion of the music and became a part of the performance. Something truly magical and transformational! After the show, both audience and musicians enjoyed great food and drinks, making for a true party atmosphere.

Music is about so much more than simply playing. It is about building a community and having the audience experience, rather than just listen to, the musicians and the music they are presenting. This is what makes me so excited to be joining g27 – we are truly at the forefront of transforming audience experiences. We want as many people to experience what we are doing as possible. Our next show is on November 7 at the Church of the Holy Trinity at 8pm. We have a fantastic show that traverses the world featuring composers from Copland to Stravinsky. We look forward to seeing you there!

November 7 World to World

group of 27 kicks off its 2014-15 orchestral season with a globe trotting ‘World to World’ voyage. From Russia to France to the United States to Canada, group of 27 takes you on a exhilarating ride. Let’s begin in Washington, D.C. where Russian-born/Parisian-living Stravinsky debuted his work ‘Dumbarton Oaks’. Hang a right and head north to the beautiful landscape of Andrew Downing’s ‘Nottawasaga’. Should have applied for that Nexus card because we’re heading back across the border for NYC-born Copland’s ‘Appalachian Spring’. We’ll even make a quick jaunt to Norway when our outreach student players join us onstage for some Grieg. So fasten your seal belt, sit back, and enjoy the ride! November 7, 2014 at Church of the Holy Trinity. And this ride’s tickets are Pay-What-You-Can so anyone and everyone can say Bon Voyage!


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